Gutter Cleaning Services

The purpose of a gutter system is to move water away from the structure it is protecting. When the gutter becomes full or clogged, it not only defeats the purpose but can cause more harm than good. Water that is not drained properly can negatively affect foundations or flow into attics causing tremendous damage. Unmanaged standing water spreads mildew on the exterior of homes and businesses and may eventually rot the wood and roof around gutters. In addition, the excess weight from the accumulation of debris can cause structural damage like sagging. Finally, clogged gutters that overflow will dirty the face of the gutters leaving black marks that are not only unsightly but difficult to clean.

How do we clean your gutters?

Texan Window Cleaning has a complete gutter cleaning process to prevent all these issues. All leaves, dirt, and other debris are removed from gutters and bagged for disposal at our facility. The gutter system is then flushed to ensure proper flow. If the flow is restricted our technicians will advise if repairs are needed or if they could unclog downspouts for an additional fee. The added cost is based on the severity and additional time required.


Texan Window Cleaning specializes in cleaning exposed gutter systems. We do not unclog French drains; we suggest a reputable plumbing company for this issue.

Gutters should be cleaned after leaves have fallen and before major freezes. Clogged gutters that freeze and expand or hold excessive weight heighten the possibilities of problems. If your home or business is surrounded with trees, we recommend gutter cleaning at least twice a year.